People Flow Simulation for BIM - in the cloud

On-demand, no special hardware, no updates, no maintenance.

The world's first pedestrian simulation software for BIM in the cloud.

Optimized planning and construction for real people

Control the human factor of your BIM designs with Ped4Bim

As an architect or engineer you design BIM buildings and infrastructures for a better environment and for future generations. How people as your customers will experience and use your designs is therefore a crucial part of their success.

Ped4Bim is a highly integrated and effective simulation software to assure that your designs are working for the people who use them now and in the future. You can test how they will navigate or operate in your designs, see if there are potential structural bottlenecks or analyze evacuation scenarios.

Forget all the hassle of on premise software

Get effective BIM simulation with the operational ease of the cloud

People simulation with BIM is a crucial activity during the workflow, for example in the conceptual or operational phases of a BIM project. Flexibility and sustainability of simulation activities is a therefore crucial requirement to get the full value of simulation activities.

Delivered as a DaaS (Desktop as a Service) solution, Ped4Bim integrates all the advantages of cloud applications in one pedestrian simulation software. Flexible on-demand availability, no update maintenance or special hardware requirements are the pros of a DaaS solution. Easy user scalability is another advantange of DaaS solutions.


Introducing cloud-based People Flow Simulation

Ped4Bim - the missing link in BIM


The next step in BIM simulation

Combining the Power of BIM with
People Simulation

Ped4Bim is a specialized software for the BIM workflow, based on the openbim ICF standards. Ped4Bim automatically extracts simplified simulation files from IFC templates and allows to integrate them seamlessly to Ped4Bim.

Ped4Bim reconstructs IFC objects and levels for simulating people flows with all the capabilities of a state of the art simulation software. It integrates visualization, extensive flow analytics, reporting and documentation.


  • Optimized plan extraction and export from IFC files
  • Semi-automated import into Ped4Bim
  • Set up of simulation scenarios in Ped4Bim
  • Simulation, analysis and visualization of results and documentation



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Ped4Bim License

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€ 1850

Perfect for buildings and
infrastructures with BIM.

  • IFC simulation file export
  • Upgrades & support
  • Online user guide
  • 1 free training
  • DaaS costs per users

Ped4Bim Desktop as a Service

Ped4Bim is a pedestrian simulation software for BIM delivered as a DaaS solution in the cloud. Software licenses and DaaS costs are charged separately depending on the chosen cloud and the number of users.


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